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Calvados is an incredibly versatile spirit that can be enjoyed in a wide variety of contexts: from on the rocks to neat, to an after dinner drink, the spirit shines all on its own. Recently, Calvados has come into the limelight as a star ingredient in craft cocktails, providing a depth of flavor and unusual twist to typical mixed drinks. Its subtle apple taste and golden-brown appearance add complexity to otherwise simple bar standards– discover how to mix up your own Calvados classics using our recipes!

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Featured cocktail:

Espresso Martini

This cocktail builds on the long-standing tradition of “café calva”; the historically popular way of consuming Calvados. In the 1900s, French workers often added a drop of Calvados to their morning coffee, for additional warmth and vigor. Today, we can emulate this tradition with a Calvados espresso martini, the perfect mix of old and new.

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